Windsurfing's Most Challenging Contest

3 fat storms above 10 Beaufort, 10 sailors, and the entire planet as a stage. These are the breathtaking ingredients for the most challenging windsurfing contest of all time. To guarantee raging conditions, Red Bull Storm Chase is mobile to the max, with two waiting periods and just 48 hours to mobilize competitors and global contest crew on-site before the storm strikes.


Contest Details

Two waiting periods

2013 and 2014

global playground

7 possible destinations around the globe

only one will triumph.

3 rounds of competition

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Elimination Procedure
Mission 1

Mission 1

10 Competitors: The battle of man vs. man vs. nature begins.

Mission 2

Mission 2

6 Competitors: Narrowing down the fleet of Storm Chasers.

Mission 3

Mission 3

4 Competitors: Who will make the podium?

Mission Schedule


Storm above force 10 approaching a destination.



Storm Chasers receive the official go and get ready.

Last Option

Last Option

Last option to cancel in case the storm faded.



A though journey begins for everyone involved.



Red Bull Storm Chase is ON inside the eye of the storm.

Contest Format

The contest format is simple: 10 sailors compete in the first mission. Six of them advance to mission number two. In the final mission the top four sailors will battle for the ultimate Storm Chaser’s crown.

During each mission, the fleet will be divided into sessions. This is to ensure a manageable number of sailors are in the water at the same time. The number of sailors in each session will be decided by the head judge, depending on the actual conditions on location.

All sailors have to wear safety equipment: Weatherdock GPS-System, ION impact vest and helmet. A Sea-Doo watercraft for rescue will be in the water. Communication on the water is conducted via STM Electronic Gecko-Safety-Helmets. Shelter will be provided by a supersized Heimplanet inflatable tent.

Judging Process

Each round of competition will be judged by three judges:

  • Duncan Coombs

    Head judge for the whole competition. His long-standing experience in this position on the PWA World Tour has earned him respect by sailors and organizers alike.

  • Klaas Voget

    Second judge on the panel. Aside from his position as Sports & Athletes Manager for the event, Klaas will be on the judging panel for all three missions.

  • Guest Star

    Third judge on the panel. This will be a different guest star for each mission. Expect to see some guys from windsurfing's hall of fame in this position!

Waves and jumps are scored on a scale from 1 to 10, comparable to the PWA-judging-system. However, there are some notable differences: Focus is on radicalness and height. An extremely high jump without a clean landing can get higher scores than a clean landed one. In order to incite sailors for variety, points will be deducted for having the same move two (-1 point) or three times (-2 points) in the top 5 scored moves.

The constellation of sessions will be drawn by the judges and changes for every session. Competitors will be mixed and drawn by the head judge.

Every sailor will have the opportunity to go out for multiple sessions. Judges will present the actual ranking after every complete round of sessions. The 5 best jumps and the 5 best waves from all sessions during the mission will be taken into the final score.

At the end of the day, the crew, judges and all “non sailors” will vote for the highest jump and sickest wave ride. Competitors will be awarded with 5 extra points for these. If two competitors have the same amount of votes, the extra points will be shared.

Updates and Impressions from the Competition

A global chase for giant waves and wind beyond storm force 10. Join us for the ride of your life!

  • December 1, 2014

    European Premieres

    The European premieres of Red Bull Storm Chase – A Force 10 Adventure wowed cheering crowds at three fully packed cinema presentations of the amazing film, this past weekend.

    Thomas Traversa, Leon Jamaer and Kenneth Danielsen joined hundreds of fans for the cinematic premieres in Kiel and Hamburg.

  • November 24, 2014

    DVD Out Now

    3 Storms, 10 Sailors, 1 Champion. The Entire Planet As A Stage. These where the breathtaking ingredients for the most challenging windsurfing contest the world has ever seen.

    Out now on DVD, "A Force 10 Adventure" displays all the incredible footage of the most extreme windsurfing action ever captured.

  • November 11, 2014

    The Film: Maui Pre-Screening

    In a windsurf contest that spanned the globe, it was only fitting that the Red Bull Storm Chase feature film premiered on Maui, the capital of the windsurfing world.

    The great and the good of wavesailing came to party and watch the movie but left awestruck and inspired at some of the most radical windsurfing ever captured on film.

10 Storm Chasers Compete Man vs. Man vs. Nature

These fearless competitors will go head to head in global missions. They emerged as top 10 in the public online voting, after having been shortlisted by the expert jury headed by Robby Naish. Expect them to deliver insane performances in a fierce competition against the elements and each other.

Competed In Mission 3

Competed In Mission 2

Competed In Mission 1

  • Boujmaa Guilloul M-3 MAR

    radical windsurf huge action big air time massive waves strong wind stormy weather gnarly sea 3.5

  • Josh Angulo CV-1 CPV

    I feel blessed for all the amazing experiences I've had with great people all over the world!

  • Robby Swift K-89 GBR

    Just jump higher!

  • Kenneth Danielsen D-38 DNK

    Light weight baby


7 Destinations Where Massive Storms Hit Shores

From all suggested spots these wicked destinations have been selected as possible competition grounds for the 3 global missions. All of them are known to get hit by massive storms frequently and also feature different spots for changing wind directions, suitable safety infrastructure and good travel options to get there in time. They are constantly monitored for force 10 storms.

Global Wind Forecast

Please note: This interactive forecast only hints at the contest warning level. The crew is in direct contact with meteorological advisors. Individual destination warning levels will be set in connection with their recommendations. Markers represent destination regions. Specific spots will be chosen during the missions.

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