Mikey Clancy Ireland IR-253

"This is my daily mission in life, to ride, challenge and seek the biggest storms in the world!!!"

My motivation for the chase

Living on the periphery of Europe, Ireland is constantly battered by the largest Atlantic Storms. I know no diferent than windsurfing storm force winds in the depths of the harsh Irish winters. Nothing fills my body with more fear and adrenaline than being at the heart of a deepening depression. I have the credentials, experience and b**ls to endure what the Red Bull Storm Chase can throw at me!!!

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Competed In Mission 3

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Competed In Mission 1

  • Boujmaa Guilloul M-3 MAR

    radical windsurf huge action big air time massive waves strong wind stormy weather gnarly sea 3.5

  • Josh Angulo CV-1 CPV

    I feel blessed for all the amazing experiences I've had with great people all over the world!

  • Robby Swift K-89 GBR

    Just jump higher!

  • Kenneth Danielsen D-38 DNK

    Light weight baby