Chris Murray United Kingdom k-202

"boom bring on the storm come on mouther nature lets have it whoooop"

My motivation for the chase

i been windsurfing since i was 12 and my aim is to bring the action to the people push it to the press get it on tv show the world what windsurfing is all about . entertainment comedy action style nature fun brilliant ill be out there loving the action in the storm mouther natures motor cross sending it big whoop whoop i was uk number 2 2010

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Competed In Mission 3

Competed In Mission 2

Competed In Mission 1

  • Boujmaa Guilloul M-3 MAR

    radical windsurf huge action big air time massive waves strong wind stormy weather gnarly sea 3.5

  • Josh Angulo CV-1 CPV

    I feel blessed for all the amazing experiences I've had with great people all over the world!

  • Robby Swift K-89 GBR

    Just jump higher!

  • Kenneth Danielsen D-38 DNK

    Light weight baby