Ireland NW Coast

Mission 1 to Ireland - Jan 26 - 31, 2013

With wind speeds peaking at over 70 knots and angry, 20-ft waves, the ten competitors on Mission 1 completed three rounds of competition at two spots in Brandon Bay, Ireland.

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Ireland is known for heavy storm surf and howling winds. The west coast offers plenty of options for all wind directions to run Red Bull Storm Chase in x-shore conditions with huge waves.

The ragged coastline is ideal for great camera angles and offers good launching abilities for sailors and Sea-Doos.

The crew has good knowledge about the place and can expect top support from the locals in terms of choosing the right spot.

Average Temperatures

Air (Jan-Mar):
Water (Jan-Mar):

Spot Options

  • Magheroarty
    One of the windiest places of the country and one of the best spots to run the Storm Chase in SW-W winds. The reef on the top of the bay offers big down the line conditions with cross to cross-offshore winds, while the inside and the bottom end of the bay still has plenty of jumping potential.
  • Belmullet
    Further down the coast this spot is known for howling winds from southerly directions. Belmullet is a beachbreak with reefs on eather side of the beach. The exposed position picks up any kind of swell.
  • Easky
    If the wind turns from south to more westerly direction, Easky comes to life, a reefbreak not very far from Belmullet, that offers perfect down the line conditions.
  • Brandon Bay
    Former PWA wave spot, where we can find the right break for almost any wind direction within a couple of kilometers. The bay allows perfect camera angles with stunning backgrounds.


Short intervals of sun are interchanged with windy and rainy weather. The Gulf Stream provides the west coast with very mild conditions. Temperatures may drop below 10°C in case of arctic air by strong N'ly winds.

There’s a large preference for gale force winds in October and November. With a strong west circulation on low latitudes, several storm depressions can reach the west coast. However, months pass by without a significant gale.

Ireland has a very favourable position on the east side of the Atlantic. During a gale waves can build up to 8 meters, sometimes even more at exposed coasts. After a period of strong W'ly winds significant and sorted swell should run into the region.


  • very windy: top chances for heavy storm in the northern hemisphere
  • big waves: some of the biggest waves in Europe
  • good chance during the first part of the waiting period
  • very good spot options with top conditions
  • no evacuations expected
  • temperatures OK
  • relatively easy to travel to


  • days are still rather short in January

Current Wind Situation

Forecast at Destination