August 24, 2012

Special Mount Test by Klaas Voget

Shooting great footage in gale force winds and gnarly waves will prove challenging. Hence the production crew will use several GoPro special mounts which are (hopefully) going to withstand the elements.

Klaas Voget set out to Klitmøller to put them to the acid test on the water.

Below are photos and a rough cut video from Klaas' testing session. His feedback helped the production crew to make some final tweaks. These GoPro special mounts are now perfectly prepared and will be used during the missions to bring you incredible footage from the epicenter of the action.


Rough cut video - Klaas puts the GoPro special mounts to the acid test

It's a pity Klaas is not allowed to participate due to his position as Sports & Athletes Manager. ;)



Backy mount - GoPro with a special mount affixed to the harness

Klaas adjusting the backy mount at the launching area in Hanstholm and heading out for a session.

The backy mount puts the GoPro into an awesome position for great action shots from behind the sailor.



Mast mount - GoPro with a special mount affixed to the mast

The mast mount puts the GoPro in a position at the top of the sail for great shots from above the sailor.