January 26, 2014

Patiently Waiting for Mission #3

This year, Mission #3 of Red Bull Storm Chase still remains on the horizon. Competitors and crew patiently await a suitable storm option to move into the final round of competition.

The event had been put back on standby right after the incredible Mission #2 back in August 2013, when competitors displayed a fierce round of competition of man vs. man vs. nature on Tasmania's west coast. However, it unfortunately was not possible to run Mission #3 and complete the competition before the year was over.

The official waiting period for 2013 did end on December 15, as very low temperatures and not enough hours of daylight had made it impossible to run the competition by then. This also meant it was impossible to run the competition during winter storm Hercules, which hit European shores earlier this month.

The good news is: Red Bull Storm Chase is still on the lookout for another perfect storm. Somewhen, somewhere out there, it's waiting to set the stage for the remaining four competitors:

  • Thomas Traversa (F-3) – ruler of the rankings from Mission #1 and #2
  • Marcilio Browne (BRA-105) – well deserved 2013 PWA Wave World Champion
  • Leon Jamaer (G-208) – now on the international JP / Neil Pryde team
  • Dany Bruch (G-1181) – perfectly prepared with a custom Challenger sail

They won't hesitate to confront another huge storm at a moment's notice in order to determine the final ranking and crown the ultimate Storm Chaser...