July 20, 2012

5 Substitutes Await Their Chance

What happens if any of the ten Storm Chasers drop out of the first mission due to any circumstances? That's the moment for five substitutes who are lined up.

They are eagerly awaiting their chance to be part of the chase!


How substitutes come into play

Nobody knows when the first mission will receive a "Go", neither where it will be undertaken, until the moment for it to start comes up. Once that happens, all competitors will be notified immediately.

In order to secure their spot they will have to drop everything (or jump out of bed at whatever time it is) and make their way to the nearest airport right there and then.

This challenge is part of the chase! As soon as it becomes clear that there is no viable chance for one of them to make it to the selected destination in time, the first substitute in line will get a call...


Mode of entry for the substitutes

Nominated as substitutes are the five sailors who ended up on positions 11 to 15 of the public voting. They will be asked to join the first mission in the order of their positions in the voting.

Because of the highly flexible contest schedule it's quite possible that this situation might come up. In case the first substitute is not available either, the next one will get the chance to join the mission, and so forth.


These are the 5 substitutes awaiting their chance

(in order of their positions in the voting)

Ben Proffitt (K-800)   #11

Kenneth Danielsen (D-38)   #12

Leon Jamaer (G-208)   #13

Alex Mussolini (E-30)   #14

Josh Angulo (CV-1)   #15

Only time will tell if they'll get a chance to be part of the chase. But here's a piece of advise for these guys: Be ready when the storm calls!